Travel trouble

1. I forget  the jacket in checking baggage center in airport

2. N bought the camera on the departure day but it broke when we arrived!!

3. In Kassel, we can’t find the hotel though this address is near there and All the electronic equipment is turned off  (Suddenly! charging ◎

4. ICE was delay and we late for our flight!

5. Night ICE to München starts at Mid night.

▲a well-kept-secret place to get Wi-fi and charge.
Waiting Fern train.

5. Taking 15hours to S.Lucia by train…

6. In Venice,The door locked up!  Mr. N has a key out side of the room and me is inside!

7. Flight to Trevizo to FRK was cancelled!!So we changes to Lufthansa.So high.

8. N has Allergie for greens.Venice biennale is in the park!In S. Marco airport’s first aid staff gives him the medicine.

9. N withdraw the JPY to Euro,but if in Japan, it’ll more get the benefit, haha.

10. on Sunday, Every Kiosk and Post office ware closed, so buying the BriefMark is so difficult!Finally we find the automatic machine near the park of Goethe.


I think if I don’t write down all trouble, I will forget because Traveling memory is so fun!





The Beginning Place of Everything.

I went to Kashima-Jingu the Shine of Ibaraki(Japan).

My friend attend me and here.Feeling like being in the Ise.

Very big, Super colorful.

i feel awestruck in front of a shrine.

This shine characterized by the fight, game…so I tried Omikuji( the drawing oracle).
I said “I will accept any result!!”before I tried.
My friend watched my hand and our hearts beat fast!

Finally I got Dai-kichi!( Great fortune  )

If you want to go there, plz use bus from Tokyo st.

Tokyo st.,Yaesu-Minami(south)-guchi,First bus stop.It runs every15〜30 min.

You can use IC card!



I went to 白根記念渋谷区郷土博物館・文学館.

First, I want to know about the river of Shibuya.

It has a little bit history.

Water mill history and barracks are good.

But I charmed by 庚申講Ko-shin-ko the Forked beliefs.






BOYS LOVE -flower-

Photo by Motoha Iijima


This morning, everyone wait and see the news.

North Korea Launches Another Missile, This One Over Japan.



Bon dance is a style of dancing performed during Obon.

Anyway what is the Bon dance?
Although there are various theories,a Nenbutsu folk dance starts in Ashikaga era.


大百科事典. 第24巻 第1冊

The music can be songs specifically pertinent to the spiritual message of Obon.
Tokushima in Shikoku is very famous for its “Awa Odori”, and in the far south.


I was born in Tokushima and grew in other places.


Very important day to Japanese,also everyone.


This morning I draw and sent that to my client.

Morning fitness challenge and practice is fun.

Arter noon, we went to Yuigahama to serf.
Me, this is first time to serf.

I recommend the rental shop Gremmie in Yuigahama(Walk 8 min. to Hase st.)


Good morning.

today, I wrote novels and sent that for the clients.

This morning, I challenged 30day’s fitness challenge Day24!

Many Leg Raises.

Then, I wrote up a novel and went to Scan drawings and sent that.


I will write next.

Reading the gardening book,Keep the accounts sounds good…



This is the artwork for Coffee Alaucalia in Nakameguro.

This cloth is presented by KanaeTanikawa.

Today I washed towels and clean up my room.
I went to Ohshima derm Clinic.

My body is so vulnerable…,I do not like that in my childhood…thought now I like it.




Making the art work is just ego.

I want to take my mother, she wants not.
This is my past work that includes this problem.→

My theme is performance and women to succeed.


「 BOYS LOVE – 花 – 」

2017.8.25 – 31

13:00 – 21:00

@ 野方の空白

opening party 8.26 18:00 –

相磯桃花 三毛あんり 金藤みなみ 町田ひろみ 小宮麻吏奈






8月25日(金)13:30〜, 15:30〜, 17:30~, 19:30〜


27日(日)13:30〜, 15:30〜, 17:30~, 19:30〜



30日(水)13:30〜, 15:30〜, 17:30~, 19:30〜

31日(木)13:30〜, 15:30〜, 17:30~, 19:30〜


i think everyone likes to see other’s life, thought just see an art is good…

Now, I feel my fan just curious my life style.
Its not bad, not bad.Better.




If I express myself, I have to be delightful smell, Thought what that made of.


If I talk about BL, I have to tell you myself.
Holding a flirt and backwards,tell you about my own fighting, hunting and living in the BL world. Among the “world” I am just a noise, it is only a squeak.
It is an important work of Fontana, there is a series called Battaglia.
It means words of the war.
The war, victims leaves somewhere.
It can be said that I lost the hunting (caccia).



The summer.

Today is nice breeze.


my throat getting better with put on the hot water besides the bed.


2017年8月25日(金) – 8月31日(木)「 BOYS LOVE – 花 – 」 info更新しましたよ。


To make a face smaller is one of my wishes.

I keep coughing and having a pain in my throat.


July 3. Changing my way of thinking to make money for traveling.

July.2.  Today is the party of asari clams.

June 30. Today is last day of June and we coll it Ooharae.Being pure.

June 26. Good morning.To think what is the originality is fun.Remaking is identical idea.


American makes something pop well with competence.

We had image about yoga eccentric image but now is not.

Everything changes in U.S. to be pop.

Sorry for changing the story, i try to be my hair  without straight-permed.

I want to be with my original curly hair.

If it will be pop style, i am happy.