Tracing body images of strangers, Re-telling, Re-sewing and Adapting is the aim of my art works.

I describe a various powers of behaviour through intentionally imagine and trace that a body image to something else. Those art works misdirect a behaviour to a different mean, approaching relationship and potential among the ages, the modern societies and the strangers, intentional tracing and replacing fork stories, jobs, fashions and else.

Performance makes the person transform into the different role suddenly, but it emphasize oneness of body because of a unique character. It declare that there are no socially-consistential-behaviour.

Bumped into pedestrian on the street effects the performance. Then: we always set the new relations. Actually, a tapestry-stitching-behaviour makes needled-fashions.

A needle has complexly-2 faces, cruel and steady to do “shadow-works”. Using it can express the perfume of the dead-fork-story and the pure-eros. The point is it is same meaning of the body on the stage.

Under-pressured post changes forrowing what ages and society. Since Being performance-needle realizes the poison of the equality. It means to watch minority for peace.

Transrating and dancing, a number of squashed-interpretations follows the big story, allows start to consider the equality.

For revail an abyss of a various connections and potentials, it is an essential action to do performance, to make tapestries and fashions.


私は、他者の身体的イメージを意図的になぞらえながら別のものに見立てることで、振る舞いのイメージが持つ多様な力を描いています。 時代や社会、他者との間にある関係性と可能性に対してアプローチするため、物語・職業・ファッション等の振る舞いをなぞりながら、意図的に置き換え、その振る舞い自体の違った意味へと誤配します。








Retelling and adapting the overlooked little stories

I have a strong of incongruity and interest into the little stories and bodies that distorted and abandoned, as a matter of convenience into the story and society, and I am adapting theatrical expressions with costumes and tapestries.

Before 2018

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