Sunday, thanks to the nature, weather is not good, but not bad day.

We went to Jiyugaoka and had a lunch at El Pescador.
Frank atmosphere, Eggplants n zucchini is tasty.

In the evening, so happy to hung with my friend.
First met to her cute suns,it is true boys mischievous, but they are kind at heart.

Monday, my Android was frozen. mmm…,Starting the mercury retrograde!


Saturday,this is toning day.

In Maru-Ki art museum, there ware very good cherry blossoms.I get a great peace of mind.
They constructed uniquely. Voice room was interesting.

I bought Genron-Zero in Kinokuniya-Shinjuku. Though a reader-friendly book, important book for me.
Comparing the tourism and the secondary creation is fascinating.

(I did tour performance and treat the word “pilgrimage”. That is also used to mean visiting the location of scenes in novels, movies, dramas, and animation, considering these places as equivalent to holy places.)


Yesterday is good holiday.
I went to Kagurazaka and saw my friend’s exhibition in the gallery.

She makes the archive movie and audio guide of her past exhibition for her friend who has visually impaired.
It was interesting.

Then I bought the Matcha Bavaro in Kinozen, near Iidabashi.


Wednesday, I made sugar wax.
Just keep the time and watching pot carefully, it is easy to make.


I wash my face with oil and honey.
I think having a clear skin is similar to keep clean the house.


Tuning yourself as the professional,Take the time as the professional is fun.

This drawing is drawn in order to pay homage to Kobayashi Kokei’s Opium poppy.
Be a poppy is alike being the concept.

I want to make the botanical-Human.


My heart is full of trouble.

Spending daily life, I try to be always cheerful.
10years ago, My art theme was just about performance and category.

Now, it took me a while to notice about the same theme.
Performance is universal, may appear to be simple but my act have to be more deep.

If you have a time, plz check my spring CV-PDF.(it will start to download)


Yesterday, I went to VR Psychic Lab.
I chilled at there last night.

it’s been a long time to see my friends.
Music and space atmosphere was good.LLLL was super good.
Crystals, Blue water, tasty foods(including Banana) and happy spiritual chatting was fun.

Congrats to  move and open there!


today and tomorrow,I went to #Ginza24hSquad.

the morning, they danced over 8 hours, so they were Lying down on the floor.

It looks like Shibuhouse,,kunugi… (Mr.Kurose say that I always compare to that…haha)


Though commonly we see the art works, in there we saw also lying people.

So funny, thx to #G24S.

p.s. Fake Serval-chang is drawn by me.hehe.



If you feel that they limit themselves to their own world, the deep interesting thing is happen in there.



TAV gallery[東京]

2016,Mask for the God of the battle
acrylic, oil, feather, strings, plastics, resin and more on cotton
at TAV gallery[Tokyo]


開催概要 Info

名称 : 現在戦争画展
会期 : 2016年8月5日(金)- 8月28日(日)
会場 : TAV GALLERY(東京都杉並区阿佐谷北1-31-2) [03-3330-6881]
時間 : 13:00 – 20:00
休廊 : 木曜日

キュレーター : 笹山直規

Opening Party : 2016年8月5日(金)18:00 – 20:00

The current war Exhibition
Dates: August 5 , 2016 ( Friday) – August 28 (Sunday )
Venue : TAV GALLERY ( Suginami-ku, Tokyo Asagayakita 1-31-2 ) [ 03-3330-6881 ]
Time : 13:00 to 20:00
Closed on : Thursday

Artist: Makoto Aida , Az , Ezaki Rika , Ichiro Endo , Yoshiki Okamura ,Minami Kinto, Takashi Sakurai , Natsumi Sako , Naoki Sasayama , japonica , Saeko Shirafuji , Natsuko Tanihara , TYM344, Keitoku Toizumi , Haruya Nakajima , Nakayama Ikumi , Takashi Nemoto , Hata Yukiko , Chiho Hayashi , Uso Fujishiro , Rintaro Fuse, Emi Makida , Lee Jong Ok
Curator : Naoki Sasayama

Opening Party: 8 May 5 , 2016 (Friday ) 18:00 to 20:00




本展キュレーター 笹山直規

イベント トーク参加



Hi,now I am painting on cafe SABUTAKE’s wall.
You can check until 9:00am or after 6:00pm!!
How about to go to SABUTAKE?
It will be fun for you^^


写真撮影:Ami Inaba 2015
©2015 Minami KINTO



Tokyo,SABUTAKE is tne cafe that get the best location near the sky tree.I am painting on the wall.





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