金藤みなみの美術展 KINTO Minami Art Show
Ome City Library 青梅市中央図書館2F多目的室
(最寄駅 JR青梅線河辺駅北口 改札出て右 河辺タウンビルB)
2024.5.12 sun 11:30-18:00
13 mon 9:30-15:00

読書会ページ 2024.4.14

see some scene (公募展形式の企画展)
Gallery IRO
2024.4.5 fri – 14 sun
12:00 – 18:00

HTML版(工事中)ポートフォリオ(Google Docs)

Photo by Norihiro Ueno

「MID CORE」TAV gallery
Exhibition view
2019, KINTO Minami’s The Taming of the Shrew
Exhibition view and information
Document by tomotosi
2019, A white feathered arrow
2019, Trench puppets
Exhibition view of Nuigurumu!
2018, The Crying Women
Performance and solo exhibition
2017, Return to the Shibuya
Performance and Novel
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