VOCA展2023 現代美術の展望─新しい平面の作家たち─
会場上野の森美術館 会期2023年3月16日(木) 〜 3月30日(木)[15日間]会期中無休 時間10:00 〜 17:00
Venue The Ueno Royal Museum of Art Dates March 16 (Thursday) – March 30 (Thursday), 2023 [15 days] Hours 10:00 – 17:00

Photo by Norihiro Ueno

「MID CORE」TAV gallery
Exhibition view
2019, KINTO Minami’s The Taming of the Shrew
Exhibition view and information
Document by tomotosi
2019, A white feathered arrow
2019, Trench puppets
Exhibition view of Nuigurumu!
2018, The Crying Women
Performance and solo exhibition
2017, Return to the Shibuya
Performance and Novel
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