#035 AKI

She was a minimalist blogger.

Now, she really likes cute and pop things.
This mask made by her old clothes.
That was patterned clothes.

She looked mature.
But she likes cute things.

Complex Mask
Performance,photograph/variable size

The “Masks”, to protect from germs and to hide the appearance. This is a photographic work that was made in collaboration with the model that has continued from 2009.
I hear “What you hate in your face?” “How do you want to become?” to the model and I create a mask while listening to their favorite color and material.
And it is not a Selfie,however a SELFIED.
I am interested on how to create a better public image by publishing a Selfie Photos.
Also,I would like to know what do you think the most important point of taking Selfie.


「マスク」は、外見を隠す面とバイキンから守る面を持っています。 これは、2009年から続けているモデルと共同で作ったパフォーマンス写真です。
モデルから「自分の顔の好きなところと嫌いなところ」を聞き、好きな色や素材を聞きながら 「不器用な自分をデコる様に」マスクを作成します。

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