Travel trouble

1. I forget  the jacket in checking baggage center in airport

2. N bought the camera on the departure day but it broke when we arrived!!

3. In Kassel, we can’t find the hotel though this address is near there and All the electronic equipment is turned off  (Suddenly! charging ◎

4. ICE was delay and we late for our flight!

5. Night ICE to München starts at Mid night.

▲a well-kept-secret place to get Wi-fi and charge.
Waiting Fern train.

5. Taking 15hours to S.Lucia by train…

6. In Venice,The door locked up!  Mr. N has a key out side of the room and me is inside!

7. Flight to Trevizo to FRK was cancelled!!So we changes to Lufthansa.So high.

8. N has Allergie for greens.Venice biennale is in the park!In S. Marco airport’s first aid staff gives him the medicine.

9. N withdraw the JPY to Euro,but if in Japan, it’ll more get the benefit, haha.

10. on Sunday, Every Kiosk and Post office ware closed, so buying the BriefMark is so difficult!Finally we find the automatic machine near the park of Goethe.


I think if I don’t write down all trouble, I will forget because Traveling memory is so fun!

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