12 Oct. Friday 

I have to pack my artworks. 
Are you good at packing? I am not… just traveling, the small bag is my favorite.
So thinking about the plan. How do you think this photo to print big? Big photo works my art world. 
This noon, I went to get my new glasses, then go to the hospital to have the injection of the flu. I really afraid to have the flu, so I do it every year.

13 Oct. morning

Today is ☁️ cloudy and a bit cold. The temperature steps to winter.

14 Sunday Oct.

Rainy, cloudy day.
I packed well! But I forgot how to trip abroad with art works…, just I use many tapes, ropes and wraps🤔

I wanna see alternative space of Seoul. And see my friends!

15 Monday Oct.

I arrived at Inchon airport. I read the Fantasy novel by Tomi Adeyemi and Toward forming by Sekai Kozuka. 
And I forgot stuff at the airport entrance, I went back the first gate with the police bring the Rahmen🍜
Traveling seems reading. We grow up really well, sincerely thanks for Everything I spend here.
My friend recommend the alternative space Loop, then I remember I know there, I found it when I walked around there.

2018 Oct. 20 Saturday 

These three days, I have a terrible stomachache. Just go to the hospital by 🚑. So sad and now I am getting better🙂
Everyone might feel why am I but it might be accidentally. So I rest in the bed and think about the my fantasy world. It has ironical touch but endlessly fascinating about it.
국 (soup)is so good for me now.

October 21 Sunday

Under construction 🔨

October 22 Monday 

One day, not a certain time maybe it was spring, I can’t manage schedules on the calendar and manage them, and I succeeded in schedule management by writing in reminder apps. Both of them are liners, but what’s the meaning of not grasp the flow of the time in the monthly or weekly calendar? 

October 23 Tuesday 

Today’s small things.
I stitched by stitch at noon, then went to the gallery to pick up the artwork, went to my friend gallery. The theme is communication with the people as we meet at first time.

October 24 Wednesday

I made my original pattern paper by making the paper doll. Making paper doll, then cut it to flat surface.

October 25

Check the equipment.
Today is full moon 🌕.
I saw my half years ago wish list on my note, it says “I wanna talk and keep my own image and get a good contract”.Now I wanna through out the energy except good one. If someone does not give me good condition, neither will I.

October 26 Friday

Tokyo st. is getting change this face. Nihonbashi is also.
The famous department renew their face.

October 27 Saturday 

Yesterday the breakfast specialist come and the lesson is so great.
I bought good eggs.
Then, Nishida made me rice soups. I made my stitching and saw the princess mononoke.

October 28 Sunday

This pop up equipment get also using a string corn stand.
We will present the hervest straw Tuesday to the early November.

2018 October 29 Monday

Today I went to Sophia univ. to hear the lecture about Employment Permit system in Republic of Korea. Their EMS system gives weight to from what nation the labor come. 

2018 November 3 Saturday 

I draw my styling today.
So cold at morning.
October’s the house purse string is bad.
But keeping this style. When Use credit, memo and keep.
The Orin the ring of Red represents the cherry.

2018 November 2 Friday 

2018 November 2 Friday 

Watching copper wares, my curiosity builds.
I went to the fabric shop to buy the flame of the embroidery.
And I got picking the book up to Kinokuniya, “Winter” by Ali Smith, sheets for the exhibition, notes for travel.
I made my original zipper refill, bought the new in the travelers note book shop, though.

2018 November 1 Thursday 

I draw non context Buddhism.
Recently, I really like to eat the rice soup. Great soup makes me good.
I got the manicure 💅 by The 6 age girl, my friend’s daughter. She likes the emerald green. She said it is the Yume -Kawaii, the dreaming .

2018 October 31 Wednesday

Let’s ring the bell the Orin🛎.
Grasp the top and shake to ring. Strike Other Orin with a mallet and lovely sound will reverberate. Remain one has been tuned according to the sound that symbolizes each sign of the Oriental zodiac, which consists of 12animal signs. 
I search the book When I travel. Ali Smith new book will suit it.
I called to Kinokuniya bookshop, they replaced they have it.

Yesterday We had a fun time at the party.This is after party of my friend’s exhibition. He did well and his home has good books and arts.

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