2 Sep. #diary

I got eggplants from Isao Arawatari @aravvatari the Artist and the farmer.

This is like a small boll.

I ate curry Almost Every day in this summer, and I also eat the curry this autumn with these veritable!

#diary 31 Aug.

Fav cup.

My follow Instagramer up this original cup.

It is simple but so creative,

golden stripes, white bases.

Yesterday, my friends and I did the small handy fireworks. This is good for end of the summer. I mistook Asagaya for Koenji. I lost my way…

5 Sep

But good day. I went to my friend house.

Children of Blood and Bone

By Tomi Adeyemi

Everything changed once magic disappeared. It’s like a technology. With a fantasy world rich in the history. 

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