solo exhibition in Seoul

– title:「 킨 토 미나미 개인전」, KINTO Minami solo exhibition, 金藤みなみ 個展

– location:ATTENTION The location is CHANGING!!
성복구 동소문동1가 52 B1
Sobo-gu, Dongsomun-son 1ga, 52
– date:Opening : 2018.11.15 7PM  (Bring your own drink and food, pre-open: 1PM-8PM)
Exhibition:2018.11.16 Friday -17 Saturday 1PM-8PM, 2018.11.18 Sunday 1PM-5PM


This is my first solo exhibition in Seoul.
I will show you the old video installation works and new performance.
I am into making art works to know the problem of the empathy. People have it, it is difficult to keep calm.
When to think the social problem about Community, people are often afraid of strangers, they say “It is not one of us. ” , all problem have to solve with other people. Minority regarded the other minority as their enemy. My answer is, the stranger have to changing their face, body and behavior as an alien. I will be the alien side always. I am minority and have the empathy and love. I will show you how to love the town and being with the ache. No house, no place, no knowing,  they eliminate to not knowing people, though I cry for them.  To cry with them as the alien, as the tourist. Both is important. This is my answer.
New performance name, The crying women −泣女−


©️UMEDA Yutaka and KINTO Minami  2017,  Photo by rhythmsift

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