This is the artwork for Coffee Alaucalia in Nakameguro.

This cloth is presented by KanaeTanikawa.

Today I washed towels and clean up my room.
I went to Ohshima derm Clinic.

My body is so vulnerable…,I do not like that in my childhood…thought now I like it.




Making the art work is just ego.

I want to take my mother, she wants not.
This is my past work that includes this problem.→

My theme is performance and women to succeed.


「 BOYS LOVE – 花 – 」

2017.8.25 – 31

13:00 – 21:00

@ 野方の空白

opening party 8.26 18:00 –

相磯桃花 三毛あんり 金藤みなみ 町田ひろみ 小宮麻吏奈






8月25日(金)13:30〜, 15:30〜, 17:30~, 19:30〜


27日(日)13:30〜, 15:30〜, 17:30~, 19:30〜



30日(水)13:30〜, 15:30〜, 17:30~, 19:30〜

31日(木)13:30〜, 15:30〜, 17:30~, 19:30〜


i think everyone likes to see other’s life, thought just see an art is good…

Now, I feel my fan just curious my life style.
Its not bad, not bad.Better.




If I express myself, I have to be delightful smell, Thought what that made of.


If I talk about BL, I have to tell you myself.
Holding a flirt and backwards,tell you about my own fighting, hunting and living in the BL world. Among the “world” I am just a noise, it is only a squeak.
It is an important work of Fontana, there is a series called Battaglia.
It means words of the war.
The war, victims leaves somewhere.
It can be said that I lost the hunting (caccia).


my throat getting better with put on the hot water besides the bed.


2017年8月25日(金) – 8月31日(木)「 BOYS LOVE – 花 – 」 info更新しましたよ。


To make a face smaller is one of my wishes.

I keep coughing and having a pain in my throat.


July 3. Changing my way of thinking to make money for traveling.

July.2.  Today is the party of asari clams.

June 30. Today is last day of June and we coll it Ooharae.Being pure.

June 26. Good morning.To think what is the originality is fun.Remaking is identical idea.


American makes something pop well with competence.

We had image about yoga eccentric image but now is not.

Everything changes in U.S. to be pop.

Sorry for changing the story, i try to be my hair  without straight-permed.

I want to be with my original curly hair.

If it will be pop style, i am happy.


In my room, We have a picture I painted in Korea.


Good morning.To think what is the originality is fun.Remaking is identicall idea.
In the cancer season, I spend my time with mother.
Its so specteculler.

its getting stronger and stronger sunshine like a summer.

Lets clean up my kitchen looks like a cottage.


Today, I recorded The Taming of the Shrew.
I played expect Catellina.

And talked with Taiyo about what is katharsis.

This story is comprised of her changing.

I feel her petition to being good wife is the statement of the new life.

Strategic Crazy planning is vital if you find a real desire.

Looks like to be the animal.But its her believe.

We undergo several stages of transformation.



Zeus and Ganymedes with Anri and me.
Me with Sunflower, native flower.
Marina and me.


Yesterday, I went to the exhibition and talk in Arts Chiyoda with Anri.

That is good to know who valuate the exhibition.Talk guest was Hitoshi Nakano.

He said
5.artist who made the exhibition

I wonder what is the difference between 2 and 3.
he said they use different wording.A few years ago “journalist” means the coverage.

The news paper wording and critic’s wording is great variability among that.


If nothing else, don’t be dishonest to people who care about you.


Thursday, I bought the magazine ❝Chanpion❞.
My favorit Manga creator Wataru Watanabe says
❝I am very interested in what the character thinks❞.
Even if it is not consistent as a character, the story does not progress smoothly,conveniently…,
Teshima is the idlistic Character with lively lines.

I interested in how achieve the girls relationships who makes BL art.
Sending envelopes for creator for girl by girl…
i know in the art world have ❝Only boys movements❞…
It is not a counterculture or resistance but a culture with love for fellows who walk together.


Me and Gili chatted on FB.

Gili introduced her friend from Taiwan!
We will be going to have a tea:)

sorry to bombard Gili’s phone…hahaha,

we talked many on our massage TL.

Today, I will go to business meeting with my friends.
Tomorrow, I will go to Shibuya to meat her, and Friday,

I will go to Shibuhouse to introduce there to Yuri…
I am so popular lately, hehehe

Im broke…, but everyday is good days.

I spent this noon to hand‐embroider bracelet at the riverside.


my grand mother and me went to 六義園rikugien on Thursday.

There are big trees and i feel bigger than the human tree makes us comfortable.

There is near Komagome st.its Yamanote line.

Wednesday, allmost all day I slept well.

I got up just 4hours in the day.

I am long sleeper.

This is naa‐lish lunch.This is also near the Komagome st.Sanbu duki lice is grate.

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