Thursday, I bought the magazine ❝Chanpion❞.
My favorit Manga creator Wataru Watanabe says
❝I am very interested in what the character thinks❞.
Even if it is not consistent as a character, the story does not progress smoothly,conveniently…,
Teshima is the idlistic Character with lively lines.

I interested in how achieve the girls relationships who makes BL art.
Sending envelopes for creator for girl by girl…
i know in the art world have ❝Only boys movements❞…
It is not a counterculture or resistance but a culture with love for fellows who walk together.


Me and Gili chatted on FB.

Gili introduced her friend from Taiwan!
We will be going to have a tea:)

sorry to bombard Gili’s phone…hahaha,

we talked many on our massage TL.

Today, I will go to business meeting with my friends.
Tomorrow, I will go to Shibuya to meat her, and Friday,

I will go to Shibuhouse to introduce there to Yuri…
I am so popular lately, hehehe

Im broke…, but everyday is good days.

I spent this noon to hand‐embroider bracelet at the riverside.


my grand mother and me went to 六義園rikugien on Thursday.

There are big trees and i feel bigger than the human tree makes us comfortable.

There is near Komagome st.its Yamanote line.

Wednesday, allmost all day I slept well.

I got up just 4hours in the day.

I am long sleeper.

This is naa‐lish lunch.This is also near the Komagome st.Sanbu duki lice is grate.



I went to Komiya flower market.Good place and what a beautiful concept.After that, We ate cakes in the cafe.
At the night, we went to Yokohama to see the exhibition.There were all big.
We have thank-you party.I like the way Mr.Kurose and our teachers taught to make a difference in our lives.









I’ve been going to the dermatologist for the past few years.Not so bad,just treating atopic dermatitis.
Though my hobby is traveling, I ‘m feeling stressed.(Always I love it but…). So carrying the medicine is comfortable.
My husband has also atopic,allergic rhinitis and asthma(is chronic). How pitiful he is!!And someone who did not knowing I am married?
I did not write in FB, but I am happy! I recommend to live with the person who fit you.

This art plan is killed,but cute…
Watching himself into the monitor.



The birds.Looks like a costume.A bird is Watching herself in the monitor.
2017, Feb. I moved to new department,
whole designer is 5 person and this department has only me.
Then I take the day-note for only myself.
That point is not only write tasks but also write what you want to do more, your feeling, what you research today.

That tells you what you will be able to.


Drawing of stitching.



This is Next art work drawing image of stitching .Need the thin woods and soft clothes.
Yesterday, I and Mr.N ware walking along our town.
My friend M moved to here and we become neighbors.

I called her and went to the Super market.that is so grate relaxing time.We bought Pizza, onion, tofu, samgyetang, chicken, natto and fish.
Seeing the greens and chatting our everyday life.

What a good day it was…



Whole 2 days, he did not come back our house.
Very warm day, He went to our friend’s house and I went there at my lunch brake.
He slept well and I read a book at there.My friend Yuki wake up and left there.
My friend and family are not able to stop thinking about negative things.
Although the phrase ‘world peace’ sounds attractive, the road to world peace is very long and full of troubles.
We have trouble getting along with people.But we saved by to believe someone.
Though it is hard, we must to do the party and have a good day.


パフォーマンス みなみと遊女の本当の浄土 聖地巡礼ツアー

Post festum, 新宿 Website

Exhibition View

All Photo by Araigosaro


I am studying prostitutes in the 1800s in Japan.
And made the performance about it.
This theme is going back to real pure land.

・Probably, In the root of a prostitute has a perverted feeling that “It can not be beautiful if it does not get dirty?”
・My work and love to think into the poor prince ‘s spirit.
・The reason for having a river is to spread water to Edo. To “reversely flow” the river in a video gimmick means that the prostitute who lost herself was released from slavery to Edo and headed for Pure Land in a new sense.




  • 遊女の根底には「汚れないと美しくなれない」という倒錯した思いがあるのではないか。
  • かわいそうな遊女の霊に思い入れる私の業と愛。
  • 人口河川をひいた理由は江戸に水を行き渡らせる為。その川を、映像ギミック的に「逆流」するということは、身投げした遊女が、江戸への隷属から解放され、新たなる意味で浄土へと向かうということ。




2017, performance(90:00min),costume/fablic,bell,wire and string,novel and illustration embroidery by Kinto Minami

Novel binding by Kazuyuki Yamamoto

Photo by Araigosaro


Video installation,performance,voice by Kinto Minami

sound and video adviser by Yamagata Issei

camera by Tomotoshi

crew Ogaya Kaai and more.


3.March 2017 〜 3月5日(日)


主催  まつりのあとに実行委員会

ゲンロン カオス*ラウンジ 新芸術校 上級コースの、成果展示の連動企画展示です。

official website

archive website

review by Kobayashi Taiyo 『「逆再生」の中に現れる身体』-「みなみと遊女の本当の浄土」レビュー|小林太陽|note(ノート)

review by Taku Suzuki 「異界再生装置、金藤みなみ、浄土」

portfolio page 2017年ポートフォリオ内「みなみと遊女の本当の浄土」ページ


Today,we talked about what is the performance and what customer pay for with Taiyo Kobayashi.

Though someone pay for play, it needs the ticket, only watch the movie streeming is also experience of see that.


I would like to try confusing what is play and what is not.

Noise helps us to thinking about that.


More information is coming soon.



Sunday, thanks to the nature, weather is not good, but not bad day.

We went to Jiyugaoka and had a lunch at El Pescador.
Frank atmosphere, Eggplants n zucchini is tasty.

In the evening, so happy to hung with my friend.
First met to her cute suns,it is true boys mischievous, but they are kind at heart.

Monday, my Android was frozen. mmm…,Starting the mercury retrograde!


Saturday,this is toning day.

In Maru-Ki art museum, there ware very good cherry blossoms.I get a great peace of mind.
They constructed uniquely. Voice room was interesting.

I bought Genron-Zero in Kinokuniya-Shinjuku. Though a reader-friendly book, important book for me.
Comparing the tourism and the secondary creation is fascinating.

(I did tour performance and treat the word “pilgrimage”. That is also used to mean visiting the location of scenes in novels, movies, dramas, and animation, considering these places as equivalent to holy places.)


Yesterday is good holiday.
I went to Kagurazaka and saw my friend’s exhibition in the gallery.

She makes the archive movie and audio guide of her past exhibition for her friend who has visually impaired.
It was interesting.

Then I bought the Matcha Bavaro in Kinozen, near Iidabashi.


Wednesday, I made sugar wax.
Just keep the time and watching pot carefully, it is easy to make.


I wash my face with oil and honey.
I think having a clear skin is similar to keep clean the house.


Tuning yourself as the professional,Take the time as the professional is fun.

This drawing is drawn in order to pay homage to Kobayashi Kokei’s Opium poppy.
Be a poppy is alike being the concept.

I want to make the botanical-Human.


My heart is full of trouble.

Spending daily life, I try to be always cheerful.
10years ago, My art theme was just about performance and category.

Now, it took me a while to notice about the same theme.
Performance is universal, may appear to be simple but my act have to be more deep.

If you have a time, plz check my spring CV-PDF.(it will start to download)


Yesterday, I went to VR Psychic Lab.
I chilled at there last night.

it’s been a long time to see my friends.
Music and space atmosphere was good.LLLL was super good.
Crystals, Blue water, tasty foods(including Banana) and happy spiritual chatting was fun.

Congrats to  move and open there!


today and tomorrow,I went to #Ginza24hSquad.

the morning, they danced over 8 hours, so they were Lying down on the floor.

It looks like Shibuhouse,,kunugi… (Mr.Kurose say that I always compare to that…haha)


Though commonly we see the art works, in there we saw also lying people.

So funny, thx to #G24S.

p.s. Fake Serval-chang is drawn by me.hehe.



If you feel that they limit themselves to their own world, the deep interesting thing is happen in there.

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